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“I Do’s and I Don’ts” Wedding Planning Tips

Indiana Bride Magazine Published on November 11, 2012 by

Here are a few key wedding planning tips from Indiana Bride Magazine- because remember -planning your wedding should be FUN!!!!


Wedding Planning Tip #1- Live

DO- Work hard to have your wedding day everything you want it to be

DON’T- Forget to stop and smell the roses along the wedding planning path

This is the most magical time in your life! From the proposal to the planning of the wedding to walking down the aisle there are constant swirling emotions and implanted memories for a lifetime. ENJOY them all. If it doesn’t come naturally for you, then budget some time to enjoy, recall, reminisce and share into your schedule along the way. Go out to lunch with your maids after finding that prefect dress and toast the beauty of you!


Wedding Planning Tip #2- Laugh

DO – Laugh OFTEN!!!!!

DON’T- Forget to Laugh at yourself

I am not sure all the wedding planning tips in the world could have prevented this one, so laughter really was the best medicine. Two days before I got married, I went to get my eyebrows waxed for the first time. While she felt horrible, my beauty salon consultant accidentally took off half of my left eyebrow. Everyone in the salon kept coming up to me and looking for a REALLY long time and then would say, “It’s not that bad”. I went home and called my MOH over and she said- “yup it’s bad alright, it’s off”. After a few tears, and a quick bang side change and eyebrow pencil we laughed so hard we cried (again):)


Wedding Planning Tip #3- Love

DO- remember why you are marrying this wonderful man everyday

DON’T- forget to use this as your first opportunity to really get your couple groove on

Multiple decisions, financial discussions, meaning-well but everyone has an opinion family and friends, isn’t exactly the recipe for the start of marital bliss. It is the perfect opportunity for the two of you to really figure out how to be the best married couple you can be. Learning how to discuss difference of opinions and avoiding big financial fiasco fights are more than just key wedding planning tips. They are key tools to a successful marriage toolbox.