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How to Look Amazing In Your Wedding Photographs Print E-mail

Article by Joe DeFabis, Photographer

Joe DeFabis has been photographing brides for over 20 years.  Here are some of his tips on how to look amazing on your wedding day.
Professional Makeup
Hire a professional to help you with your hair and makeup. You don’t want to take any chances by letting an amateur help you on your special day. After all, you want to make sure that you do not look as if you are wearing too much or not enough makeup. You also want to make sure that your mascara is not going to run and you are not going to have a shiny nose. Many brides are under the impression that having a professional help them with their makeup is going to make them look like they are wearing way too much. However, this is not the case if the makeup artist knows what they are doing. 
Custom Tailored Wedding Dress
A Perfectly Tailored Wedding Dress is also a great help for your wedding photographs  your dress needs to fit your body shape. It should be specially tailored for you. This way, it will not be too tight nor will it be to loose.  A custom tailored dress will help you look amazing.
Smile & Be Adoreable
Be sure to have a smile on your face for a good portion of the day. There are going to be cameras everywhere s you want to make sure that you are looking your absolute best.  Practice different poses so that you know exactly how you are going to stand on your big day. Pay attention to how celebrities are standing when you see them on television. Imagine for a moment that you are on the red carpet at the Oscars. Do not hesitate to ask your photographer how you can stand to give the appearance of a slimmer body. Believe it or not, there are different ways that you can stand that will help you appear thinner and an experienced photographer will know how to direct you.
Pretend You are a Celebrity Today
Practice holding your arms in different positions in your wedding photographs. After all, there is a good chance that your wedding dress is not going to have any sleeves on it. It seems as if we all have fat arms. The only way that we can prevent this is my going to the gym on a regular basis. Do not even consider leaving your arms down by your side for the day. This is only going to make your arms look bigger than they are and your photographs will look horrible.
Hold Your Head Up High in Your Wedding Photographs
Make sure that you do not slump over under any circumstances in your wedding photographs. It may seem as if this is a pain to do. However, you will not regret the fact that you have beautiful photographs that will last forever. The pain of sitting like this all go away after a few days. Consider asking your photographer if he will stand on a platform so that he can take photographs of view from above. This is always a great look. Put your shoulders back and sit up straight and hold your head high. After all, this is your day. 
Give the Illusion of a Smaller Waistline
Be sure to keep your bouquet even with your waist in your wedding photographs. For some reason, that always seems to look much better than if it were up in front of your bust. If you have a belly which you are trying to take attention away from, holding your bouquet in front is going to be a wonderful trick. People will be more interested in the beautiful flowers in your hand than the size of your waistline.
Never Settle For Less Than The Best
When you are shopping for someone to do your wedding photographs, do not settle for anything but the best. It is quite common for people to spend so much money on decorations and flowers that they do not have enough money left over to hire a good quality photographer for wedding photographs. However, what we need to keep in mind is the fact that wedding photos are going to be around for many generations. Decoration and flowers are only going to be here for the day. Ask your photographer if he has anyone who would be willing to give him a good referral. Also asked him if he has any sample wedding photographs that you can look at. It should be more than just one photo. He should be able to provide several beautiful wedding albums before you decide whether or not he is the photographer for you. After all, we only have the opportunity to take beautiful wedding photographs once. We want to get it right the first time.

Joe DeFabis, Photographer Print E-mail

I have worked with Rev Mike several times during my 20 year career as a professional wedding photographer and he has always shown, reverence, professionalism, and a very caring approach to every wedding I have been associated with.  I would highly recommend Rev Mike to any Bride and Groom who are planning a non denominational wedding.


Joe DeFabis

DeFabis Photogrpahy

Rev Mike Completes Doctorate Print E-mail


In Jan. 2012, Emerson Theological Institute notified Rev Mike Dearing, a Kentucky and Indiana Wedding Officiant, that his Professional Paper was accepted and his course work for a Doctor of Divinity Degree was completed.

Emerson is an accredited southern California school and the educational arm for the Affiliated New Thought Network.  Rev Mike completed his Ministerial studies with the Emerson Institute in 2001 and obtained a Masters of Spiritual Studies in 2002.

He will attend a graduation ceremony in April as part of the Affiliated New Thought Network annual Conference.

Rev Dr Mike Dearing is a both a Kentucky and Indiana Wedding Officiant who performs weddings in southern Indiana and throughout central and northern Kentucky.  He has been Officiating since 2001 and has performed weddings in IN, KY and TN; from Lookout Mountain TN to Elkart IN and many place in between.  He is more than qualified to write his Doctorate Thesis titled How to Build a Wedding Business.  He is the Senior Wedding Officiant with One Spirit Wedding and currently resides in Louisville, KY.


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